As you may have heard, the CETA trade agreement has been ratified by the EU Parliament.

Canada is currently in the process of passing the implementation bill (currently in the senate) and the EU member country parliaments must each do the same.

We expect that the trade agreement will be in effect at some time this spring.

Two important government website links:

  1. Click here for the full text of the CETA agreement.
  2. Click here for the Protocol on rules of origin and origin procedures


It is important to note that, while over 90% of goods that qualify for European Origin will be duty free immediately upon implementation of the accord, there are some sectors which will be subject to quota. These sectors include goods such as cheese and other dairy products, automobiles, textiles and garments, as well as some others – complete list can be found in the Protocols on rules of origin and origin procedures. Also, there are a number of sectors which have “product specific rules of origin” over and above the general origin provisions. The details can all be found in the Protocols on rules of origin and origin procedures.

We have attached a copy of the CETA origin declaration on our Forms and Docs page under the Client Resources tab (in English and French) for you to share with your suppliers – The origin declaration in every official language spoken in EU can be found in the Protocols on rules of origin and origin procedures. In preparation of this important trade agreement we strongly urge all of our customers to reach out to your suppliers and make certain that they (suppliers) understand the CETA rules of origin, are able to correctly determine whether or not their goods qualify as EU origin under CETA and that they are keeping full records of origin compliance as set out in the CETA agreement.

We can assist in advising you on the specific rules of origin for your products, however only your suppliers can certify that the goods qualify as EU origin under CETA and only they can provide you with the EU origin declaration as well as keeping records not only for their products but also for the components used in the manufacture of their products that they have sourced from other companies. Should you require our assistance in determining specific rules of origin for your products please contact Muriel or Emilio to arrange a CETA Trade Compliance consultation.